Harnessing web, digital and social channels

We have begun work with Rutland Healthcare on an innovative project to harness web, digital and social channels across 4 practices to improve communications and engagement with patients and the wider community, including supporting the active signposting agenda. 

The aim is to transform patient and carer access to health and care information, services, self-help and guidance. From one ‘Hub’ website, residents will be able to see national and regional healthcare information – updated directly by NHS England and Public Health England, latest news, guidance and advice in one convenient place, plus information and assistance relevant to their own local practice area. 

Patients will be able to contact their local GP Practice, see details of local services, opening times and contacts. The practices will benefit from not having to duplicate effort in providing national and core healthcare information and advice. 

Users will be able to use a range of tools to understand symptoms and get advice on the best course of action to take. They will also be able to tap into and interact with live conversations taking place across local social media. 

The Hub will also act as a gateway to research and thought leadership from leading think tanks and research institutions. 

We are also working with Rutland County Council to embed live feeds from the Rutland Information Service into the Rutland ‘Hub”