Hearing voices

We will strive to hear as many voices as possible throughout our communications and engagement. Of course, that will mean working with a range of familiar organisations and groups representing patients, carers and stakeholders, including:

  • Our Clinical Commissioning Group;
  • Healthwatch Rutland and Healthwatch Leicestershire;
  • Our local voluntary and Third Sector partners;
  • Our Practices’ Patient Participation Groups;
  • Our own Practice Managers and staff;
  • The wider Primary Care workforce;
  • Our NHS, social care and local authority partner delivery and provider organisations;
  • Our regulators and the wider NHS;
  • Professional organisations representing the people who work in and with us;
  • Our local elected representatives; and
  • Our local media.

But we want to go further and be systematic and innovative in how we engage, including organisations representing what are sometimes called “Seldom Heard” groups’, and thinking more widely and creatively than simply approaching directly health and care related groups.

Many community and interest groups aren’t necessarily directly health related, but their members could have much to contribute. For example, leisure and sports organisations, environmental groups or voluntary organisations and charities.