Talk to us – we’re listening!

  • We take listening very seriously.
  • And we want to make it as easy as possible for people to talk to us.
  • So we've launched a new Online Listening Form to give everyone a chance to talk to us. 

Whether it’s something good or not so good that want to say to us.

Whether it’s feedback on care they’ve received or how they’ve been treated.

Or indeed, if it’s something one of our GP Practices want to say to us

If they have a question or even if they simply want to say something to us.

The new Online Listening Form is here

Anyone using the Listening Form can choose to give us their name or remain anonymous.

And they can tell us if they want us to contact them or not.

If they wish to save what they’re saying and come back to finish it later, they can do that as well. Without having to start all over again.

And – thanks to the powerful translation tool built into our entire website, they can convert and read the Online Form instantly – and send us their comments – in any one of more than 90 languages. We will be able to translate it back into English. To use the facility, simply choose any language from the drop-down list at the foot of this page under the heading “Translate this site”