Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and Annual Report

The ELR GP Federation held its Annual Shareholder' Meeting tonight and published its Annual Report

  • Federation reports on its second year of operation
  • Second Year is one of "maturing and delivering"
  • Annual Report now available for download

The Shareholders meeting took place at College Court, Knighton Road, Leicester LE2 3UF.

The meeting heard presentations from Chair, Dr Ryszard Bietzk and Chief Operating Officer, James Watkins.

Amongst the topic of discussions were:

  • Presentation of the Year 2 Annual Report
  • Presentation of the Financial Report
  • Locality Development, joint working & Transformation Fund
  • Extended primary care
  • Demand management
  • Wider working

The Annual Report can be downloaded from the link below:

ELR GP Federation Annual Report 2017-18

In the foreword to the Report, Dr Bietzk says:

“We never forget that we were created after extensive engagement with local GP practices and wider stakeholders with the explicit aim of supporting them to deliver sustainable primary care in East Leicestershire and Rutland (ELR) in the future. That was our primary purpose at the time of our creation and it remains our purpose today. The Federation represents a diversity of practices and to achieve maximum effect the Board constantly reviews the way it works to ensure local needs and opportunities for innovation are supported, balancing this with opportunities to work at a larger scale. This means being flexible and responsive as our members continue to develop and explore different modes of locality working and organisation.

“Last year, we said it was becoming apparent that the traditional model of general practice will not be sustainable. Consequently, we needed to work together to provide services ‘at scale’, as appropriate to the problem that needs solving, thereby realising the benefits of economies of scale, improving opportunities for career structures and professional support and delivering a wider range of services. I am proud that this year’s Annual Report is full of examples of how we have risen to that challenge.”