Give us your ideas to help the NHS and support your Practice

Challenge is nothing new to the NHS. It’s faced and met challenges throughout its entire history. But we all know the NHS currently faces unprecedented challenges.

Rising costs of treatment and drugs. Rising numbers of patients, particularly older patients with complex medical needs. Rising expectations of care.

And all of this taking place against the backdrop of an unprecedented squeeze in the amount of funding being made available.

As a GP-led organisation, we know there are hundreds if not thousands of great ideas out there in Primary Care to help us meet these challenges.

It could be an idea from a health professional, a patient, a carer or family member.

It could be an idea for improving quality of care. Or an idea to improve efficiency or save money. Or an idea to improve the compassion with which patients and their families and carers are treated.

Or it could be an idea for how we can support you and your Practice.

Whatever the idea and whoever you are, we want to hear from you. We want to invite you to tell us your idea. You can tell us by filling out an online form on this website, or by downloading a paper form to post or fax to us.

Click here to use our online form to give us your idea

You can give us your own name or remain anonymous. You can choose whether or not you want us to contact you.

We will highlight the best examples we receive and, where possible and practical, look to to introduce your ideas to make a real difference to care in our area.

Click below to download a poster for you to display in your Practice or workplace to ask colleagues or patients for their ideas.


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