Delivering Urgent Care Centres

In partnership with Derbyshire Health United (DHU), ELR GP Fed bid successfully for the contract to manage the ELR Integrated Urgent Care Centres across six sites to provide out-of-hours urgent care centres in ELR from April 2019. ELR GP Fed’s Shareholders approved the plan to form a Joint Venture (JV) with DHU to deliver this service. 

This brings together DHU’s experience in providing contracted clinical services with ELR’s practices through their Fed to deliver excellent local urgent care centres which are effectively integrated with local primary care services. The partnership also provides a robust structure which could support further future service development. 

The Joint Venture is structured in the following way from an organisational lead and delivery perspective: 


Management control in the day to day delivery of the services; responsible to the Joint Venture Board. 

Clinical and non-clinical staff as required for the delivery of services within services. 

Clinical Leadership for both strategic and operational elements of integrated urgent care across East Leicestershire within the service. 

Back office support services including, clinical governance, Human Resources, Analytics, Facilities, Finance, Governance, Health & Safety, Insurance, IT, reporting and Business Continuity 


Practice engagement & collaborative working with Primary Care 

Primary Care pathway interactions and streamlining of clinical pathways to improve patient experience 

Supporting service delivery modelling, including risk stratification 

Clinical Leadership for both strategic and operational elements of the services 

Engagement in wider system changes (e.g. PCN development), as appropriate within ELR 

Outstanding Performance 

The services were successfully mobilised to open on 1st April 2019, including the establishment of a new Urgent Care Centre in Enderby. 

An agreement has been set up with two of the Fed’s practices to provide the medical element of the service in the Oadby Urgent Care Centre during core hours. This arrangement will facilitate the effective integration of the urgent care centre with primary care providers in this area. 

Performance figures for the first few months of operation indicate excellent service delivery including; 

  • Provision of appointment capacity in line with the contract requirements 
  • Good levels of activity 
  • Clinical shift fulfilment @ approx. 95% 
  • Performance against the 4hour and 1hour standards @ >99% 
  • The proportion of patients being ‘Seen, Treated and Discharged’ @ approx. 70% and ‘Referral to Acute’ @ approx. 7% 
  • Patients are able to ‘walk-in’, however the provision of booked appointments has improved the service offer to patients