Your chance to shape our strategy

The Federation exists to support and listen to its member practices.  We’ve already achieved much in our first year, but we want to do more.  And we want to give our members the chance to shape our strategy.

To that end, we are launching this Locality/GP Practice Engagement survey.  It gives you the chance to tell us

  • what works well in your local cluster?
  • what could be improved in your local cluster?
  • What are you most proud of about your Practice that you would like to share with others?
  • What are your top three Practice challenges that keep you awake at night?
  • What are the top development needs that the Federation can help you with?
  • What should the Federation focus on?
  • Would you be willing to work with the Federation to help create solutions to the areas you have identified?

To take part in the survey, fill in your details below and click on the “Next” button