Secure Area Document Vault

Welcome to the ELR GP Federation secure area documents vault.  Here you can access, download and comment on documents within the confines of the secure area.   Comments or questions made here will only be seen by other registered myFed+ Members.

Please note the following terms and conditions.

The secure area on the ELR GP Federation website, exclusively for registered myFed+ members, is an ideal way for members to keep up to date with latest developments, access documents and take part in discussions that would not be suitable for the purely public website domain.

Users of the secure area can still use the public part of the website in exactly the same way as anyone else.  Any comments or questions they post on public pages will be seen by everyone using the website.

myFed+ membership and use of the secure area is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Allocation of myFed+ membership is at the sole discretion of the Federation
  2. To protect other members, myFed+ membership from individual members can be withdrawn by the Federation instantly if user conditions are broken
  3. myFed+ members must not release details of their individual username and password to any other person or party
  4. myFed+ members must not release to the wider world or public domain documents, details of secure conversations or comments made available in the secure area

For any questions about myFed+ membership, please e-mail [email protected] “

Click on the icons below to access and download documents

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