North Blaby Partnership Hub

North Blaby Partnership Hub are using the Transformation Fund for:

  • Para-medical staff pilot – pilot the use of  Extended Scope Physiotherapists and Mental Health Practitioners to improve access for patients and reduce the demands on GPs, thereby releasing GP time to focus on the needs of their patients with complex needs. 
  • Integrated community working – collaborate with the Blaby District Council, LPT, Social Care and Voluntary Sector teams to ensure that the primary and community care offer to the North Blaby residents is streamlined and integrated and that our ‘community assets’ are effectively used through social prescribing. 
  • Back office resilience – develop closer back office links between the practices with an emphasis of harmonising processes, where appropriate and possible, to greater enable integrated working 
  • Locality visiting service – investigate the potential of developing a Locality Visiting Service to meet the needs of housebound patients who do not meet the LLR Acute Visiting Service criteria. 
  • Acute Access – working together to optimise the use of the Acute Access fund to improve the provision of ‘on the day’ access for patients in North Blaby.