Rutland Healthcare

Rutland Healthcare are using the Transformation Fund to support the development of their Primary Care Home and embed joint working arrangements with community and social care, including; 

  • Developing a collaborative Locality approach to the management of diabetes. 
  • Care Navigation & Patient communications – harnessing web, digital and social channels to improve communications and engagement with patients and the wider community; thereby supporting active signposting and care navigation.. 
  • Back office resilience – implement measures to improve back office and workforce resilience; including the implementation of an information sharing tool to enable sharing of policies, procedures, protocols and best practice relating to clinical care and CQC requirements. The development of the ‘Rutland bank’ is also being considered to enable clinical and administrative staff to be utilised efficiently to provide cover across the Hub’s practices. 
  • Acute Access – working together to optimise the use of the Acute Access fund to improve the provision of ‘on the day’ access for patients in Rutland. 
  • Digital Health – Using Rutland Better Care Fund; pilot the introduction of a digital health app to support patients to take a proactive role in the management of their health and well-being and the day to day management and monitoring of their condition(s).