On Thursday 30th March 2017, the Federation Board held a Board development session to:

  • review what has worked well so far in the Federation’s first year; and
  • provide suggestions for how to build for the future.

The topics covered included:

  • a refocussed statement of purpose;
  • options for a refined Federation structure;
  • possible partnerships to help the Federation realise its ambitions; and
  • development requirements for the Federation to help it lead the changes it wishes to bring about.

The ideas developed in the session are available until (DATE) for comment and approval by all Federation Members and other interested parties.

To download a PDF with details of the ideas from the brainstorm click on the link below

ELRGPFED Brainstorm – 30th March 2017

To complete a short survey and give your comments and views, click here:

Following this period of comment, the Board will consider all views expressed before submitting final proposals for its members’ approval.